Who we are

Karina Maxwell

Senior Social Worker

A Ngugi woman from Quandamooka, Karina is the senior social worker for the Workers’ Psychological Support Service and has been instrumental in developing and running the service since it began in February 2019. She has a passion for ensuring that workers make informed decisions about their options and access to the right kinds of support when experiencing a psychological injury because of the workplace. Karina has over 15 years experience as a social worker supporting and providing client focused case management to people with mental health issues, always ensuring to give workers time to tell their story confidentially.
Karina cares about the challenges that workers face in the workplace and also has lived experience of bullying in a past workplace and knows how a psychological injury can impact all areas of a workers life. Due to these experiences and because she is so passionate about the work she does as a social worker, she is almost regimented with her self-care and knows how important this is.
In her spare time, she likes to get out in nature and go walking when weather permits. She also enjoys playing trivia (her forte is 80s music), cards and board games, and socialising with friends and families. She says having a good laugh never goes astray.